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Video Gait Analysis at The Derby Runner

This technology allows our staff to video a runner/walker on our treadmill and then watch it back frame-by-frame on our in store computer to accurately assess their foot-strike.

When carrying out exercise involving repetitive foot-strike (running/power-walking/aerobics-type classes), your footwear is the single most important part of your kit.

Many injuries (and potential injuries) experienced during these activities are related to an individual’s lower-limb-biomechanics; – The way in which the foot and lower leg react, while in motion, to control impact. These biomechanics can have serious repercussions upon the rest of the body.

During a video gait analysis, we look at the various apects that make-up each customer’s running ‘style’, such as initial foot-strike, posture, range of motion, foot-pronation and more. From this, we are able to help guide you towards choosing the right shoe for you!


Organised Race Tours by Team Tours Travel

Team Tours is an independently owned business by staff member Dave Mann. Organising trips to major races in the UK and abroad, Team Tours takes the stress out of arranging accommodation, travel to and from the race, race-day food and spectator vantage points. Based at The Derby Runner Go to for more information.

Injury/Training Advice

See our links page for a list of recommended physiotherapists, personal fitness trainers and running/athletic clubs.

Our team of staff are all experienced runners. Between them, they cover the majority of running disciplines. Staff at The Derby Runner are happy to give advice relating to training, racing, nutrition and injury, as far as their knowledge, experience and qualifications allow. See our staff profile section for more details.


The Derby Runner currently offers ‘club’ discount on any goods that are not already reduced. Those qualifying for discount include:

  • Running/athletic club members (UK athletics affiliated)
  • Gym members – Various gym memberships qualify – please ask for specific details
  • Corporate discount – Including employees of: Rolls-Royce, NHS, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Derby City Council, Derby University Egg, Bombardier, Experian and more (please ask)
  • National Union of Students card holders
  • B-line card holders