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Derby Runner Run Club

The Derby Runner Run Club is a running group suitable for runners of all abilities based from The Derby Runner store in Spondon.

With expert knowledge from local runner, Sarah Harris, we will bring you structured sessions once a week that will give you the opportunity to improve all aspects of your running, from running form to speed and tackling hills.

The sessions will start at 7pm. Please arrive before this – around 6.45pm -  so we are able to start on time.

The sessions are FREE of charge.

Please respect our neighbours when choosing where to park!

Join the facebook group here.

Meet the Coach:

Session Plan for Most Mondays:

Warm up (length around 1 mile max)

Interval session:

We are going to start off buy doing a little light pre session prepping. Before I do a session I always incorporate a few “strides”. There are little short burst of speed that prep your body and cardiovascular system for the session ahead. It won’t exhaust you but instead put you in a position so you can start the session completely ready mentally and physically.

The session;

The main session itself will always be made up of short periods of faster running (between 30s – 2 mins) with rest periods in between of similar lengths.

The goal of each session will be explained by Sarah at the shop, before the warm up commences.

Cool down (length = back to the shop!)

Posted: 24/Feb/2016